ROIE E185 Desktop System, Pentium G4400, 4GB DDR4, 1TB


  • Intel Pentium G4400 3.0GHz
  • 4GB DDR4 2133
  • 1TB SATA 6Gb/s Hard Drive
  • Windows 7 Pro 64 OEM DVD
  • Intel HD Graphics



Onsite Business Installation – Starts at $239.99

Hard Drives Northwest agrees to do additional work on a Time and Material basis. Rate for additional work is $125 per hour.


Work Items to be performed:

  • Remove existing computer and clean area
  • Physical install of computer and route cables and wires
  • Join to domain / NAS / Mapped drives.
  • Move / Recreate user profile.
  • Install Microsoft Office & configure 1 email address
  • Install Up to Two(2) 3rd party programs (I.E. Quicken, QuickBooks )
  • Migration of data up to 10 gigs (Data more than 10 gigs might require additional time)
  • Configuration of up to two printers on the PC